About Us

InDeutsche Ties is a limited liability partnership firm, based in Hyderabad and Gurgaon with sister offices in Germany, offering International trade and business development services for micro, small and medium sized companies based in India, Japan and in Europe.  

Our model of work starts from a comprehensive location-specific due diligence and market research, towards securing a representation/dealership license or a trading contract for our principals and clients based in overseas markets. We firmly believe in establishing lean and efficient supply chain channels for our partners. We offer services related to Sourcing of goods from India to the foreign markets and also provide QA (Quality Assurance) services for these goods which are meant for exports. 

We are neither a consulting nor a market research firm. All the initial analysis is only done for a thorough feasibility check. 

InDeutsche's goal is to represent the client in India and be their regional/nation-wide licensed dealer and their business developer, who can generate sales in the domestic market without any compromise to the brand, their values and business ethics. 

Vision Statement: To Bring Sustainable, Innovative and Niche products and services across a diverse range of Industries from foreign markets to India and vice-versa, which add benefits and generates value for local stakeholders i.e. companies, communities, and customers. 

Mission Statement: Give people access to foreign goods and services at the best price by using lean, efficient and digital Supply chain and International Trade mechanisms. 

 The partner you can trust to grow your business globally

International Trade and Business Development services for Indian and European MSMEs.